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Hexagonal/Honeycomb Shelf

Hexagonal/Honeycomb Shelf

The Hexagonal/Honeycomb shelf can be used to display all your beautiful ornaments.


It comes with a hanger to place it anywhere on the wall or you can simply display it on a side cabinet.


You have the choice of two styles, a pattern finish or a plain finish.


It is made from 3mm thick Birch/Poplar ply and is interlocking with no glue.


The product comes fully assembled with a natural finish that you can either paint, varnish or leave as is.


The shelf width is 70mm, with a clearance height of 259 mm from the bottom shelf to the top shelf.


The product does not include any fixings or hooks.


If you require a wider shelf, then please contact us and we can discuss a customised build.

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