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Decorative Wooden Panels

Decorative Wooden Panels

Choose from any one of our beautiful solid framed panel designs to a size that suits your needs.


They look fantastic as a feature on a wall or even use them to divide up a living space.


They come fully assembled and untreated, ready to be painted or varnished should you choose to do so.  


The framed panel has a hanging feature at the rear, to allow you to securely fit it to a wall.


You can use these panels outside as a garden feature.


If you do this, you will need to fully treat them with a protective paint.


You can choose any one of the 12 patterns in this range and customize them to anything from a height of 1800 mm (Approx. 6ft) to as little as 300 mm (Approx. 1ft).


The width of the panel is governed by the height and is a ratio of it.


To calculate the width based on the height, will = Height x 0.45 (example, you choose 1800 mm (6ft), the width will be 810 mm (2.6ft).


We can customize the width if needed, however, it may skew/stretch the pattern slightly.


We can send you an illustration of how it will look. Just message us and we will respond within the hour. 


The panels are made from Hardwood Ply, where the center panel is 3.6 mm thick.


The frame is made from a lamination of 3.6 mm and 5 mm thick ply. For the larger options, the center panel is 5 mm thick ply.


If you are looking for other designs please ask as we have hundreds more.

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