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Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas Tree Decorations

Pick from a variety of wooden laser-cut Christmas decorations, including lanterns, 2D/3D snowflakes, and a reindeer.


Each one  is made of 3mm Birch or Poplar ply and is untreated.


These are perfect for Christmas celebrations and hang in a Christmas tree or can be placed anywhere of your choice.


2D Stars measure 80 mm from tip to tip, with a hole cutout for hanging.


3D Stars have two options and range from Small = 70 mm to Large = 105 mm tip to tip.


They come in a flat pack form and one easily interlocks with the other. They have a hole cutout for hanging.


Lanterns come in two styles - Basic and lattice pattern.


They measure 75 mm at the widest part of the base and are 110 mm tall. You can easily add an LED candle with the two doors that open up.


They have a hanger should you choose to place in a Christmas tree or anywhere else. They come completely assembled.


Reindeer measures 185 mm long and 120 mm tall from hoof to top of antlers.


The Product comes assembled except for the delicate antlers that easily interlock on the head of the main body.

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