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Our brand new Website!

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

The Site

We've upgraded our site yet again. This time we've kept development simple. Instead of doing everything in house we are now using a E-commerce Site to help build and expand what Default Interactive has to offer.

Now that making this site is so much easier you may have noticed that we now have our own shop on our site!


Now on our site you can find all our current product offerings of CNC .SVG and .DXF templates. Additionally, you can also order many of our products made to order. Check out what's on offer today!

We also plan to include future digital downloads for other areas of our expertise. Namely products around Blender 3D, Unreal Engine and potentially even Godot Engine. Keep an eye out for our future offerings on the site.


Also new to the site is this blog. Here we plan to write interesting posts about our adventures into Autodesk Fusion 360, CNC cutting, Laser cutting, Unreal Engine, Godot Engine, Blender 3D and potentially anything else that our business takes interest in!

We hope to share some knowledge and any problem solving we have done in bringing you the products we have on offer.

This blog stands as an example of an introduction for our new website. We hope you continue to read and share these posts going into the future.

Again, thanks to our all-existing customers. We hope we can fulfil your needs going into the future.


Service Director

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