Virtual Reality Development

With the advent of Virtual Reality this year, Default Interactive has been committed to develop Virtual Reality applications. For Default Interactive's first venture, development is being made on a Virtual Reality Escape Puzzle Game, the company pride itself with its development at this time. Following the project's development, Default Interactive sees a future in Virtual Reality projects. If you have a project you require help on, please see the contact page.

Game Development

Default Interactive's second area of expertise revolves around game development. Default Interactive at this time has produced a few games. The games vary in scope and style as seen on the games page. If you require any help with game development, either on specific elements or just some consultancy, please see the contact page.

3D Modelling

Default Interactive has 10 years of 3D modelling experience. The expertise relates closely with real-time rendering game engines.  Abilities to produce high quality game ready assets compatible with most game engines, are a pivotal aspect to Default Interactive's Business. If you require any help with 3D modelling and asset creation, or optimisation of models for real-time rendering, please see the contact page.