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Spiral Cup Cake Display Stand

Spiral Cup Cake Display Stand

SKU: 0001P

The Spiral Cake stand is laser cut from 3mm (1/8") thick Poplar Plywood and in a natural form. It is perfectly useable as is, however, it can be painted or varnished.


No glue is needed, and you can easily disassemble it, in a flat pack form for easy storage. 

The pieces are laser cut and are delivered in a flat pack form, with very easy assembly instructions.


You can assemble the spiral clockwise or anticlockwise


This cake stand can hold 12 cup cakes and is 203 mm (8") tall x 235 mm (9.25") at widest diameter. Each cup cake holder is 60 mm (2.4") Diameter.


Perfect solution for displaying cakes as a party or food stall stand.

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