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Decorative Floral Wood Trims

Decorative Floral Wood Trims

These beautiful floral wood trims can be glued to any piece of furniture you are either making from new or up-cycling.


They can also be used as a decorative trims on a picture frame, wall or any other item.


They are laser cut from 3 mm (1/8") Birch or Poplar ply and left in a natural state for finishing.


You can choose from the custom ranges indicated and add the exact sizes you require.


The B dimension is a ratio of the A dimension, so when ordering you should multiply by the ratio factor shown.


If you choose a B dimension away from the ratio value, the finished product will be either stretched or squashed and not proportional to the images shown.


If you require a thicker trim, this can be done by gluing the pieces together in increments of 8 mm (1/8")

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