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Corner Trims

Corner Trims

SKU: 0006P-56

Beautiful decorative corner trims, that can be glued to one of your projects, adding an eye catching feature.


You can glue them to internal doors, as features on an internal wall or liven up a picture frame.  

5 styles available in any size and a choice of 5 material thicknesses.


When making a choice on the A and B dimensions, it is best to keep within the aspect ratio, otherwise the trim will look skewed.


Larger sizes can be made upon request.


Material Birch, Poplar plywood & Hard plywood with natural finish at 3mm thick - 3.6mm thick - 5 mm thick and 12 mm thick. 


Product is laser cut with black colour edging.


Depending on the size, quantity and complexity, delivery times vary. Sizes up to 400 mm are processed quickly within 3 to 4 working days. Others will take a little longer.

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