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3D Frames, Shadow Box - Picture Frame

3D Frames, Shadow Box - Picture Frame

These lovely 3D frames are great for displaying an object, that may be a treasured possession or a unique piece of artwork.


They come in most standard frame sizes and various depths ranging  from 15 mm up to 40 mm. Deeper frames can be made upon request. The standard and panoramic frames have hangers for either portrait or landscape hanging.


Each is laser cut from 3 mm thick Birch or Poplar ply and has an acrylic pane in the front. The back can easily be removed to place your object within. The back has a 2 mm clearance to clamp a piece of card backing.


The birch plywood is untreated and can be stained or painted or left as is, to meet your own needs.

You have two options for the frame front (patterned or plain) for standard and square type.


Panoramic style only available with plain frame.

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