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Unboxing The K60W/40W/20W Power Switchable Laser Module from Lasertree - Part 1

Updated: 5 days ago


This is the first of a 3-part blog, where we shall look at the newly launched Lasertree K60 switchable laser module.

  • Part 1 is the unboxing and general information.

  • Part 2 will look at fitting the module to an XTool D1 Pro

  • Part 3 will look at the laser performance and provide you with an unbiased pros and cons.


Unboxing the K60W

K60 shipping box

As an upgrade to our 40W XTool D1 Pro, we decided to invest in this new powerful laser module the K60W, as reviews on the K40, K30 and K20 had been favourable. The package arrived on the 10th of June 2024. It was well packaged and arrived in less than a week from ordering. This is impressive as it had come from southern China.

The K60 is listed on their web site at $999 USD, however after reaching out to them, they gave us a good discount. We also had to order a compatible kit for the Xtool D1 Pro, which we will discuss further on. The box weighed in at 2.93 Kg and measured 282 mm x 213 mm x 112 mm. Having spoken with Lasertree on their live chat, they were super helpful and knowledgeable.

K60 Inside box layer 1

Unboxing the K60W laser, we first see inside one 8 mm outside diameter (5 mm inside diameter) air tube.

K60 Inside box Layer 2

In the next layer we see the K60 Manual. Having quickly looked through, it looks very clear and easy to understand and nothing seems to have been lost in translation.

K60 Inside Box Layer 3

Underneath the instructions we find the rest of the kit. As you can see from the images, it is neatly and securely packed in bespoke foam packaging.

178mm Long Laser

This is a beast of a laser module, weighing in at 1.21 Kg. From top to base, it measures 178 mm x 82 mm wide. The depth is 75 mm. These dimensions will certainly reduce the workable area of your laser by a certain amount. We have the D1 Pro with the extension kit, which will reduce the cutting area by about 10 mm in both the X and Y direction, based on our XTool 40W laser module. If you have a smoke box, then you will need to take into consideration the clearance height needed.

Top of K60 Laser

On the top, you can see the air assist intake hole and a switch that enables 20W, 40W or 60W mode. You also have the power input cable port to connect to the supplied driver adapter, which in turn connects to the original cable from your laser. You will need the applicable compatible cable kit, which we will discuss further on.

Side view of K60 Laser

The laser view window detaches easily enough, with a slide and pull action. It is retained with magnets. You will also see a fixed focus lever, which we will review in part 3 of this blog post.

The laser has cooling fins on the base and two fans either side. The laser nozzle can be removed via a small grub screw, to access the protective and focus lens when they need cleaning or replacing. The module also has a red crossline locator as shown. The instructions show the offset settings are -38 mm in the Y direction and 0 mm in the x direction for the crossline locator.

For the rest of the kit, we have the following…

  1. Input Cable

  2. Driver Adaptor

  3. Two Spare Protective Lens

  4. Sliding Plate

  5. Two M4 x 30 mm Adjusting Screws

  6. 2 mm Allen key

  7. Air Tube Dia 8 mm – 5 mm x 550 mm Long

  8. Power Adapter

  9. Power Cable

  10. Power Socket Adapter (UK)

Now when we specifically talk about the XTool D1 & D1 Pro, you will need to purchase the compatible kit. You have two options – XTool D1 Non-Pro Kit and XTool D1 Pro Kit. For the Non-Pro Kit, you will get a sliding plate adaptor as well as the cable adaptor. This enables the laser wire harness to connect to the driver adapter. If like us, you have the XTool D1 Pro, then you only need the cable which is all you get with the XTool D1 Pro Kit. We will deeper dive into this on our next blog.

Thanks for reading! Find part 2 here


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