What is Default Interactive?

Default Interactive is a UK based Independent Game Development studio. It is a small studio just starting out, with various external contractors. Recently the company has started to specialise in Virtual Reality development. The main project it has developed is Virtual Escape: The Play Room, a new HTC Vive puzzle game.

Who is involved in Default Interactive?

Proprietor and General Manager:

Alex Downham



At the age of 8 Alex moved to Beijing, China. Alex lived and studied there for 10 years, eventually graduating from the Western Academy of Beijing in 2012. Proceeding this Alex moved back to the UK to study at The University of Derby. In 2015 Alex graduated from the University of Derby receiving a First Class Honours degree. In addition, also received the Brett Butcher award for "Contribution to Graphics"

Alex has always been interested in computer games from a very young age. Starting off in the mid 90s playing a variety of games on the PC. At the age of 12 Alex became fascinated with how they were made, and ended up pursing an interested in 3D game graphics. Today he continues this passion in creating his own games. Still to this day he also spends a lot of his time exploring the latest 3D real-time graphic standards.